Genetic Testing for RD


Important News

Eddie Andrew (Runfold GS)has been doing some work communicating with the University of Cambridge Vet School (thanks to Toni Jackson) to see if the German Spitz carries the same gene for MRD as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Mastiff, the Bullmastiff and the Coton de Tulear, the University are willing to do these tests for FREE!!!
The only thing that the owner will have to pay for is to have the blood taken by their vet. If we can, as a breed, raise some funds, even this cost will be covered.
So please, if you have a dog affected with retinal folds, RD, MRD, or a dog who has produced this in a litter PLEASE contribute their blood to this study.
They would like "families" ie Sire and Dam, affected pup and siblings. If this gene is found to be the one affecting the GS then it will be the end of a lot of the secrecy, carriers can be used in breeding programmes as the puppies can then be screened and the carrier puppies used with clears in the future. We know there are other dogs with MRD out there, other litters with retinal folds, the more blood the university has the more likely they can find the gene.
Also if anyone has any ideas for raising funds to help the people good enough to put their dogs forward for this study then let us know.

Please crosspost this to other interested parties.

For further information on sending blood samples to the University, or to suggest fund raising ideas, please contact Eddie (contact details at Runfold German Spitz