Eye Disease and Testing

Compared to other breeds German Spitz are a pretty healthy breed, but there have been a few incidences of eye disease in both Klein and Mittel.

PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and RD (Retinal Dysplasia) are currently the main cause for concern, and both these and any other eye problems can be detected by a BVA/KC eye test. Unfortunately both these problems are inherited but the problematic genes have not yet been identified in any of the affected German Spitz Mittels or Kleins that have provided samples for DNA research. Eye tests are carried out by a qualified eye specialist, if you need to find one in your area go onto the BVA site (link at the bottom of the page)

This club recommends that all breeding stock is eye tested clear before mating. When you go to look at a litter of puppies the breeder should be able to show you a copy of the sire and dam's eye certificate Because these problems are inherited you have to be aware that two dogs tested clear, could still produce a puppy that is affected.

Further information on eye testing is available on the BVA site and there is a list of testing dates/locations on the ISDS site.

BVA Eye testing info
Eye Examination Clinics (ISDS site)

BVA eye testing results for this breed are collated by the German Spitz Club of Great Britain and displayed on their own and German Spitz World's websites

Below is a sample of an adult eye testing certificate.
The top part should contain KC Registrations details for the dog plus owner details.
The middle part is where test details are filled in. If a dog has no abnormalities found, the tester will usually write 'All clear' or 'NAD' in the comments box. If a problem is found, they will indicate what the problem is and where on the eye the problem is.

This is a sample of a litter screening certificate