Patella Scoring Results

Our club recommends that German Spitz should be patella scored under the Putnam system so if you have had your German Spitz Patella scored please send a copy of the scoring sheet to
Secretary Mrs Nicky Garbutt
7 Station Houses,
Pelton Fell,
Co. Durham
or email to
so that we can add it to our database.

If you are going to have your dog scored there is a Patella Luxation Scoring Report form available in downloads on this site

Dogs must be over 12 months old (ideally over 18 months old) for testing as there is little point in testing an immature dog whose bones are still growing or changing but it has been discovered that even this age may be still too young and in Finland any dog tested any younger than age 3 must be tested again after that age for a lifetime valid score.

Please note, these results will also be viewable on dog pages on German Spitz World to help build a bigger picture of health within the breed.

Please click here to view the patella result database.