Club show results 2010

German Spitz Breeders and Owners Club Critique for 17th July 2010 Mittels

Judge Mrs Toni Jackson

I was very honoured to be invited to judge at the GSBOC's first club show, and very pleased with the mittel entry, some lovely dogs and bitches, though on balance the quality of the bitches was deeper than that for the dogs. As every the exhibitors were extremely sporting and the show had a lovely atmosphere. As an overview I found the majority of the exhibits, like their owners very friendly and outgoing and all went under the measure (dogs not owners!), though a few were on the smaller side. Heads were of good shape and proportion overall but breeders need to look to the ear set and size. The referee, Mrs M Deats awarded BIS to Caoilta Icenie for Liubice, with Dr Curr and I agreeing on BPIS to Golden Whim Minnie the Minx, and the veteran awards, BVIS - Wyndlee Fallen Angel from Azkaban and the Best Special Vintage in Show Ch Runfold China Crisis at Nixtev.

MPD no entries, PD no entries. Junior Dog1st Pooley's WYNDLEE SHORT N'SWEET AT AZKABAN, B&W in lovely thick stand off coat, full mane, and excellent presentation he gleamed with condition. Lovely masculine bone and strongly made, just found him little lower in leg so not as compact in outline as my main winners. Classic wedge shaped head, broad flat skull , neat small ears, eye a good dark colour to compliment black coat colour. Well angulated front & rear, tail set on high and held well, moved freely, just needs to tighten a little in front, seriously considered for high honours. Special Yearling 1st Hill's WYNDLEE SWEET TALKING GUY OF SOBRIETY, parti colour like litter brother in junior has excellent coat and very good bone. Lovely outgoing personality. Head of good breadth and strong muzzle, would prefer a shade less stop to give wedge shape, ears set a little too wide and eyes a little rounded. Tends to step a little high when moving in front, but is good behind. PostGraduate 1st Beard's WYNDLEE DESPERADO BETWEEN ZEPHON, very attractive w/sable, stands well, with short firm back, well carried high set tail. Broad flat skull, correct almond eye of dark brown, ears a shade large and wide set. Muzzle needs to develop to balance strength of skull. Good angulation, and very balanced standing just found he toes in slightly in front on the move. Limit 1st Hill's SOBRIETY HOT CHOCOLATE, brown dog of excellent bone, very good angulation front & rear, stands on round tight feet. Lovely wedged shaped head, eye colour ok for a brown, though would prefer ears to be smaller. Moved very well. 2nd Smith's WYNDLEE GHOSTLY MAGIC , compact cream of excellent coat and presentation, short firm back, very well set tail. Another with correct tight cat like feet. Very good bone. Move ok. Head of good proportions, but would prefer less prominent eyes and a smaller ear to complete the picture. 3rd Purves' BULABS POLARBEAR. Open 1st Hewett's CH SPELLCAST TALK TO ME, heading a quality class, stunning jet black dog who shows the correct compact shape, and excels in head, beautiful flat wedge skull, neat ears set high, and correct oval dark eyes. Stands on well boned legs to neat feet, well angulated and this shows with his very good movement, true viewed from any angle. Not in his best coat, but excellent quality and type took him to BD, BOS. 2nd Hewett's CH SPELLCAST SECRET AND LIES JW dark cream of good size and bone, carries tail well. Attractive wedge shaped head and good eye colour for a cream, correct oval shape. Ears could be a shade smaller if being picky. Moves well behind but a little wider in front than half brother, RBD. 3rd Corkin's NIXTEV KINETIC UNDER FOURANFASS. Veteran 1st Hewett's RUNFOLD FULL FROTTLE WITH SPELLCAST, brown dog of good bone and compact shape. Attractive wedge shaped skull, ears a little big. Very good angulation and moves very well. Special Vintage No entries


Minor Puppy 1st Hamer's LIUBICE VIVACIOUS OF CLARMER, white with excellent black pigment, which combined with lovely almond eye shape and neat ears, gives the correct alert expression, excellent nature and personality. Broad flat skull, muzzle just needs to develop to balance overall head. Well angulated, short firm back, good neck, moves ok but still to tighten in front. Puppy 1st Beard's GOLDEN WHIM MINNIE THE MINX, black feminine pup, of excellent temperament. Good angulation, short back, in good coat. Well set tail. Head still developing, just needs to broaden in skull, but promising wedge. Light on feet on the move, BP/BPIS. Junior 1st Thurston's CAOILTA ICENIE FOR LIUBICE, beautiful cream of excellent shape, compact square proportions and excellent angulation which showed on the move to give light easy stride, covering ground well and very positive front and rear. Attractive head, correct wedge with beautiful oval eye of dark brown. Well boned legs to very neat tight feet. Excellent tail set, and beautifully handled, BB/BOB & BIS. 2nd Hewett's WYNDLEE SWEETER THAN WIND, another very promising youngster, parti of good shape and well angulated, just a shade longer than winner in body. Attractive head and muzzle just found eye a little round. Moved well. Ex presentation. 3rd GOLDEN WHIN MINNIE THE MINX. Special Yearling 1st CAOILTA ICENIE FOR LIUBICE. 2nd Purves BULABS ENDORA, smaller black in good coat, and well boned throughout. Compact shape and well angulated, but stands and moves a little wide in front. Head of good proportions but found eyes a little prominent and round which affected expression. Post Graduate 1. McLaren's DARYDALA HOCOMBEWOOD BLACK DIAMOND, black not in the best of coats. Well angulated front & rear, firm back good neck. Head still to develop as is rather narrow throughout, eyes of correct oval shape and dark brown colour, ears appear little big but would be framed by more coat. Moves ok behind but little narrow in front. Limit 1st Purves' ROSSFORT GRISELDA, heading two very nice creams. Lovely compact shape, well off for bone but totally feminine. Lovely wedge shaped head good under jaw, correct oval eye and dark colour. Moved freely. 2nd Hill's Sobriety Fifth Element, another who was very balanced throughout and of compact shape, with lovely wedge head, good pigment and well set ears. Well angulated and moved very well. Unfortunately became unsettled and meant she was no longer able to give 100%. Open 1st Garbutt's NIXTEV KAMEO, lovely bitch in good coat, compact shape with firm back, good size. Attractive wedge head, with very well set high ears, correct oval eye of good colour. Very good angulation and good width/depth to chest. Excellent on the move. 2. Moir's CH NIXTEV LIBERTY AT JANSANLEIS, another lovely bitch, just not in her best coat. Attractive head, ex proportions and beautiful pigment, which really stands out, very good oval eye, alert to handler. Well boned and with good reach of neck, and well proportioned chest. VB (4,2) 1. Pooley's WYNDLEE FALLEN ANGEL FROM AZKABAN, darker cream/faun bitch of good size and substance, attractive head, offset with neat ears set high. Good chest and back, stands on tight feet. Well angulated and moved well, does not show her 9 years at all, BV. 2nd McLaren's GALVIZACH CHEYENNE, smaller bitch in excellent coat but carrying a little extra weight, which unbalances her overall shape. Good angulation and moves well. Special Vintage 1stGarbutt's CH RUNFOLD CHINA CRISIS AT NIXTEV , cracking bitch who does not look 10 years old (I believe her handler was a little younger!) , excellent type, in super condition, weight and coat. Very good angulation and excellent bone and neat correct tight feet. Beautiful wedge shaped head, with well set ears. Moves very well, RBB & RBIS & Best Special Vintage. Brace (2,0) 1st Garbutt's, two well matched creams, of same type and quality, moving well and soundly together. 2nd Purves. Team 1st Garbutt's, very well matched for type and size, 2 creams, set off nicely with good black

The referee Judge Miss M Deats was called in for Best in Show award.

Best in Show Caoilta Icenie for Liubice

Reserve Best in Show Dajelilne Charmander of Clarmer

Best Puppy in Show Golden Whin Minnie the Minx

Reserve Best Puppy in Show Aveka Carbon Copy

Best Veteran in Show Wyndlee Fallen Angel from Azkaban

Best Special Vintage in Show Ch Runfold China Crisis at Nixtev