Judging List and Criteria

If you require a copy of our most recent judging list and criteria click here or go to the downloads page on this site.
Our JSC meet as often as is necessary so that our judging list can be kept up to date.

Application forms are also available here or in the downloads section. 

Please note that anyone wanting to be moved up to our A3 List must have completed all requirements for the lower levels, which does include having passed the hands on assessment at a Breed Appreciation Day/Seminar run by either of the breed clubs.
This also includes those applying for the KC's Grandfathering Rights as the KC state that it is "Mandatory for approval to award CCs in first three breeds" but also "desirable for subsequent breeds".

The club also requires all judges to measure all German Spitz with the appropriate fixed bridge measure when judging this breed. Failure to comply may result in judges' names being omitted from future lists. Therefore we ask that societies continue to make measures available.
(The KC states that judges should provide their own so the onus is on you as a judge to ensure that the correct measures are available and properly used).
We would also remind judges of the following KC rule:- F(1).20.d.
All judges at championship shows and open shows must produce a written critique for the first two placings in each Breed class and will dispatch these to the weekly United Kingdom canine journal or upload onto the Kennel Club Judges Critique Website.

 This list ends on 31st December each year.

From 1 January 2021, no one can judge unless they meet the new Level 1 requirements. (You are automatically Level 1 in subsequent breeds if you already award CCs in a breed).
If you are already on a B or C list you must also make sure that you now meet at least Level 1 criteria.

The Judges Sub Committee will decide by majority vote on acceptance onto the list or otherwise.

NOTE Dogs and classes judged where referred to in the list, can be either Klein or Mittel size or both.