Showing your German Spitz A Junior perspective by Lisa Moir

LisaThere are a number of opportunities for the younger generation, wishing to get involved with the fun of the dog show world.

The Young Kennel Club (YKC) is just one of the organisations which provide activities for juniors. The YKC offers membership to those aged 6-24yrs and was setup with the following aims;

* To educate young people in the care and training of dogs.
* To develop courtesy, sportsmanship and self-discipline.
* To encourage a sense of responsibility in dog ownership.
* To enable young people to participate in activities with dogs

The club not only allows members to meet new friends (human and canine alike) but also offers the chance to learn and get involved in all things connected with dogs. The YKC hold classes in a wide range of disciplines including  Handling, Agility, Obedience, Flyball, & Grooming. Each year a national training camp is held where members get the chance to learn from experienced trainers within each discipline, and try out the different activities. A big part of the training camp is the social element and members are split into groups for various fun challenges promoting communication and team working.

At general championship shows throughout the year, YKC classes are scheduled in handling, stakes, obedience and agility which allow members to qualify for Crufts.

There is much enjoyment and pride to be had from showing your German Spitz both in the breed and junior rings. They are a versatile breed which adapt well to the different disciplines offered.

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