Past Events

Events that the club have previously held. Professor P Bedford - 3 eye clinics approximately 150 dogs Breed Survey 2007 Assessor: Mr G Walther ( Germany Breed Survey 2005 Assessors: Mr E Paterson ( Britain) & Mrs A Rubin (Germany) Mr F Kane - Talk on Conformation and Movement Mrs M Hunter - Breed Convention Dr M Willis - Talk on Genetics Talk on German Spitz Speakers: Miss J Al-Haddad, Mr F Kane, Miss M Deats & Miss J Smith Professor P Bedford - Why we need to eye test Mr B Wootton - The Movement and Anatomy of the Dog Dr Brian Hill Accredited Kennel Club Assessor - Hands on Assessment Spitz/Keeshond Fun Day

Breed Appreciation Day 2022
Breed Appreciation Day 2019
KC Seminars 2018
The Breed Survey